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"We are a family that has been working our southern rhône terroirs for 6 generations. We are the winemakers, the managers and the shareholders of the company and consequently our only focus is the absolute quality of our wines. We are extremely proud to be part of PFV where we share experience with similar families".-

- Jean-Pierre Perrin -

The 5th and 6th Generations

The Perrin family acquired Château de Beaucastel in 1909 and has since then purchased or leased vineyards within the best terroirs of the Southern Rhône Valley in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas (Domaine des Tourelles was acquired in 2008) Vinsobres, Cairanne, Vacqueyras, Rasteau, Beaumes de Venise... All the viticultural work is being carried out by the Beaucastel team, following a number of principles which we constantly apply to all our wines:

The vineyard comes first...

We are convinced that, to produce a great wine, the vine must grow in as natural a way as possible. This will enable it to fully express the natural balance of its surroundings. Thus, at Beaucastel, neither chemical fertiliser, pesticide nor insecticide has been used since 1964. Weeds are destroyed by plough and by hand, and all sprays used on the vines involve only natural products. Over the years, the vine has thus developed its own resistance to agression. Bees, ladybirds and worms are plentiful in our vineyards. Production levels are obviously low, but, through their organic nature, the wines reveal the essence of their terroir.

The magic of blending...

In our Southern Rhône climate and terroirs, experience has shown us that wines are greater when they involve a blend between various grape varieties, rather than relying on just one. All our wines are thus blended from several grape varieties, and this logic is taken to its ultimate at Beaucastel, where all 13 varieties authorised in the Chateauneuf appellation are cultivated. Jean-Pierre, François, Marc, Pierre and Thomas Perrin get together in February to taste the wines from the various varieties. The aim is to decide, for each wine, the proportion of each grape that will make up the final blend. The magic of blending is that the finished article is always better than the individual components.

Maturing the wine...

Our Southern Rhône terroirs produce grapes whose excellent maturity ensures that the wines have considerable tannic structure. This needs to be rounded out during the maturing process. We choose to age most of our wines in large casks rather than in small barrels, in order to provide an exchange between air and wine without adding further tannins from the wood.

Perrin & Fils is today managed by 6 members of the Perrin family from the 5th (Jean-Pierre & Francois) and 6th (Marc, Pierre, Thomas & Matthieu) generations.

Château de Beaucastel is a magical place surrounded by hills dotted with vineyards, olive trees and truffle oaks. Here, nature flourishes, becomes emancipated and feels comfortable. Very old vines with gnarled feet stand in the traditional style of the gobelet on a solid ground with round stones. When the mistral blows - that wind comes from the legendary Alps and rushes into the funnel of the southern Rhone Valley - you can feel it rushing over the vineyards and revealing the fragrance of the scrubland. It has the singing accent of the people living here, born and raised in the Mediterranean climate. The wines of Chateau de Beaucastel come from this ancestral land planted with 13 varieties.

The estate covers a total of 130 hectares (321.24 acres), of which only 100 hectares (247.10 acres) are planted with vines in one plot.

The cult of the soil and the terroir

At Château de Beaucastel, Famille Perrin attaches the utmost care to respect the land and restore it to its purest expression. Respecting the terroir both means enhancing the soil characteristics, the environment, but also highlighting the history of the place. A search for authenticity, uniqueness in order to transmit it, to make it alive, while revealing all the treasures of the Chateau de Beaucastel.

Besides, Famille Perrin is known for having been a pioneer in its innovative approach of organic farming in 1950 and then biodynamics in 1974 at Chateau de Beaucastel. Because to make an expressing wine, the grape must have taste, it must reveal the quintessence of its aromas and the grandeur of its origins. Famille Perrin has always made every effort to place the vine in its universe, that is to say, the earth, the animals and the stars by which it is impacted. Understanding the Beaucastel ecosystem means to better value a treasure located on the northern part of the appellation, in a cool climate, exposed to the mistral wind (over 150 days per year), on a very complex terroir full of limestone, clay and sand. Every day, on each plot, the work helps to stimulate the physiology of the plant and its natural resistance. Famille Perrin has always preserved this unique ecosystem with passion, which gives to the wines a unique combination of power, structure, elegance and freshness.

Elegance, sophistication and art of blending

Famille Perrin is proud of this rare elegance that is the signature of Chateau de Beaucastel. A wine with finesse and a surprising freshness for a region best known for the hot character of its wines. Here, the wines are not dominated by the powerful Grenache. It is more a matter of balance with other varietals that bring freshness and roundness. The tradition of blending the 13 historical varieties of Chateauneuf du Pape is still maintained at Château de Beaucastel (Mourvèdre, Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault , Vacarèse, Counoise, Terret Noir, Muscardin, Clairette, Picpoul, Picardan, Bourboulenc, Roussanne). Mastering the art of blending grape varieties, through a unique know-how passed down from generation to generation, helps Famille Perrin to make unique wines every year. And to make, only in exceptional vintages, the prestigious "Hommage à Jacques Perrin”.

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