It is with great pleasure that our company, Maison Joseph Drouhin, assumes again the Presidency of the PFV

Indeed, 20 years ago, my father Robert Drouhin and Miguel Torres had the great idea to set up the base of an informal association of family-owned companies which today remains unique in the wine world, and probably also in the wider business world, that transcends geographical borders while maintaining a common business link, that of vineyard ownership and winemaking.

With the mutual trust and friendship that has grown out of PFV, members of different generations exchange frank views on a wide range of matters affecting our family-owned wine businesses. What we learn from each other gives us valuable guidance in the great task of carrying a family business through to future generations. It also confirms that we all have a strong ethic in the way we manage our business and respect our customers.

PFV also represents a standard of excellence in fine wine to which all of us aspire, and the sharing of knowhow, experimentation we all conduct individually on all aspects of vine growing and wine production, is incredible and valuable information that will undoubtedly show through in the quality of our wines in the longer term.

It is a great honour to succeed a long line of leading wine industry figures, as President of PFV. I hope that under my stewardship PFV will continue to grow in awareness and importance, both within our organization and outside, as the ultimate guarantee of continuity and total quality in a rapidly changing wine world.

Frederic Drouhin, 4th Drouhin generation

PFV President 2011-2012

Legal notices

Primum Familiae Vini

Cl. Miquel Torres i Carbo, 6

08720 Vilafranca del Penedes


PFV wine ambassador

Christophe Brunet

Directeur de la publication et responsable de la rédaction

Christophe Brunet



3, rue des Corton

21420 Aloxe-Corton - France

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