In 1995 Primum Familiae Vini, founded three years earlier by Robert Drouhin and Miguel Torres, invited Mouton Rothschild to join the association. My mother, Philippine de Rothschild, owner of the famous First Growth, accepted the invitation and assumed the annual rotating presidency of PFV in 2000-01. From July 2012 to July 2013 it is Mouton's turn once more and I, Julien Beaumarchais de Rothschild, have the honour of serving as the president of our prestigious circle.

The name "Primum Familiae Vini" defines us. Primum, a Latin adverb meaning 'firstly', expresses what is important to us first and foremost (Primum), namely the fact of being wine families (Familiae Vini), whatever our differences. But ownership of a family wine business is not enough. The key to becoming one of us lies in another criterion, both tangible and intangible and immensely demanding: quality. On the 'Familiae' side, quality is that something special our families bring from their history, dating back hundreds of years in some cases, from their culture and from the art of living they perpetuate from generation to generation. On the 'Vini' side, it is our families' long-standing and continually renewed commitment to making rare products of worldwide renown, making the most of a magic terroir and using modern technologies, proof of respect for the consumer. Quality also lies in the richness of the discussions between PFV's members since its inception, about wine or our heritage, the environment or commercial matters. Those exchanges always take place under the auspices of friendship and the pleasure of renewed acquaintance, whether on business or for family occasions. PFV is now 20 years old: a wonderful age to be, the age at which the future is yours.

During this 2012-13 'vintage' we will be taking the message of Primum Familiae Vini to Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Montreal. May that message, in addition to that of moderation in the pleasure of drinking, convey the unique character of PFV, a rare blend of quality and authenticity.

Julien de Beaumarchais de Rothschild

President 2012-13

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Primum Familiae Vini

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PFV wine ambassador

Christophe Brunet

Directeur de la publication et responsable de la rédaction

Christophe Brunet



3, rue des Corton

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