Since 1997, in addition to organic farming (the vineyards are entirely certified as "organically farmed”), we have adopted biodynamic cultivation. Our wish was to banish chemical products, even organic ones. We have not yet attained this goal; however the increasing knowledge of biodynamic cultivation worldwide enables us to be cautiously optimistic.

Compared to organic farming, the biodynamic approach takes into consideration not only the plant but also the close and distant environment affecting it.

More specifically:

- We take into account, as much as possible, the pace of development of the vine according to the position of the earth within the solar system. The vine focuses its energy in turn on the growth of its roots, leaves and fruit. The idea here is to move in harmony with these rhythms rather than thwarting them.

- We use biodynamic substances to stimulate the compost and the soil. These substances are meant to transmit impulses and favour natural processes in the vine.

- We use various steeped or soaked medicinal plants to facilitate more direct action on the plant, to stimulate it, or help it to build up its own defence against some types of fungus.

Joseph Drouhin

The biodynamic approach

The Drouhin family is constantly searching for new ways to limit the imprint of man on nature, while maintaining a delicate balance between the two, and this has an impact on the quality of the wines.

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