Graham's 2007 Vintage Port

A very special elegance

Grape varieties:

• Touriga Nacional

• Touriga Franca

• Tinta Barroca

• Tinta Roriz

• Tinta Amarela

• Tinta Cão

• Souzão


Graham's wines come primarily from their own Quinta dos Malvedos, Quinta do Tua and Quinta das Lages in the Rio Torto. Two others, privately owned by a member of the Symington family, Quinta da Vila Velha and Quinta do Vale de Malhadas, also supply Graham with finest quality grapes. All five Quintas are among the best in the upper Douro valley. Graham's also buys grapes from selected farmers in the finest districts. Some of these farmers have been selling their grapes to Graham's for generations.

Vinification and ageing:

Picking at Malvedos began on the 17th September, some 10 days later than average historically. The robot driven lagares at the Malvedos winery were used to crush the majority of the estate's production, with the remainder carried out by traditional foot treading. A lot of extra lagar work was needed to get the skins to give up their colour.

For the first time ever, some wines made from the Quinta do Tua vineyard were included in the 2007 blend. This famous Quinta, which counts among its previous owners Dona Antonia Ferreira and Cockburn's, was acquired by the Symington family in July 2006 and assigned exclusively to Graham's.

Some magnificent lots were made in 2007 from Quinta das Lages in the Rio Torto, as well as from the Quintas of Vila Velha and Vale de Malhadas situated on the south bank of the river, and these make up about 10 and 12 %, respectively, of the final blend.

Tasting notes:

Very profound and intense deep purple colour. Rich and complex floral aromas of violets and eucalyptus from the Malvedos and Lages Touriga Franca give a very special elegance to this wine. Very attractive rich blackberry flavoured fruit with excellent texture. The sheer power, weight, complexity and balance of this wine guarantee its longevity.

Alcohol: 20% vol (20ºC).

2007 vintage:

2007 will be remembered particularly for its cool, damp summer. A nice long period of sunshine in September and October allowed ripening to proceed normally, and although a bit later than usual, the vintage took place under perfect conditions, the fruit being beautifully balanced.

An excellent vintage in the Douro which proved one of the exceptional years where the weather, combined with the work of the viticulturists and the winemakers, produced stunning wines.


Graham's 2007 Vintage Port is a fabulous way to end a lunch or dinner. It pairs wonderfully with chocolate desserts, such as chocolate mousse, but it can also be enjoyed on its own, providing a memorable moment in the company of good friends.

Storage: store the bottle horizontally in a dark place with constant temperature, ideally between 12ºC and 15ºC.

Decanting: stand the bottle upright for a short while before you intend to decant (20 to 30 minutes at most). Pull the cork slowly and steadily and leave the bottle for a few minutes. Clean the neck of the bottle. Pour the wine into a clean and rinsed decanter. Once you have started pouring do not stop until you see the very first traces of sediment begin to appear out of the bottle. You may prefer to use a decanting funnel.

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