Sustainability, for us, is not a program for the future or a strategy but rather an integral part of our culture.

A healthy respect for the environment, for the best agricultural practices and traditions, accompanied by research and new technology, are the indispensable conditions for a balanced "green" management of each phase of our firm¹s operations in the field. Respect for natural balance and care in maintaining it are part of our DNA.

In the vineyard for example we are involved in many projects: from the photovoltaic panels and organic vineyards in Tormaresca, our estate in Puglia to the Braccesca Estate where we have been experimenting Bio Char obtained by means of the pyrolysis of plant-derived substances and other organic material. (Pyrolisis is the decomposition of organic material by means of combustion in the absence of oxygen). From this process two equally useful products are obtained: Biochar, which is an excellent fertilizer, and Syngas, which is a fuel.

Pyrolisis of organic substances produces another benefit as well: the combustion results in the release of only Syngas and not CO2 (carbon dioxide), as in ordinary combustion processes.

Another project that we have studied, is the use of limestone rocks in the vineyard rows of the Tignanello estate, rocks already present in the composition of the soil of the estate, in order to reduce the presence of weeds and the need to use pesticides, accordingly. In addition, the greater amount of reflected light assists and assures a healthy and uniform ripening of the grapes.

In the cellars we are always trying to use the energy saving methods with the gravity flow. Moreover, at Le Mortelle Winery, most of the carbon dioxide produced in the cellar is moved to the vineyard after purification.


Tradition & innovation

The conservation and improvement of the cultural, technical, and productive patrimony of the Marchesi Antinori company, a patrimony which has been left to us by our forebears, are part of the value system inherited from our family's traditions.

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